Smart Eco Rinse

Smart Eco Rinse

Here’s How It Works:

Until now, meeting health-code regulations meant you had two dipper-well sanitation options—a marginally effective, extremely wasteful, continuous water-flow system, or a less-than-ideal thermal system that can splash and burn employees and overheat utensils that negatively affect your product (when serving ice cream, for example). RinseWell's patented technology combines an innovative sanitizing technique with advanced optics to eliminate all those drawbacks.

  1. When idle, the well’s water is constantly recirculated, while a natural aqueous ozone continually sanitizes.
  2. As utensils are used and returned to the well, advanced optics monitor the recirculating water to determine when the water is becoming too murky.
  3. When the optics detect that the water turbidity or murkiness is too high, the system automatically flushes and replenishes the well with fresh water.
  4. All of this occurs using cool water.
  5. Plus, total automation means no manual well-draining or refill, so customer service never misses a beat.

Key Features

  • The Smart Eco Rinse is easy to install, easy to use, compact and discreetly mounted under the counter, below the dipper well.
  • It’s a simple plug-and-play system that integrates with your existing dipper well—saving money, hassle and landfill waste.
  • Onboard electronics and programmable logic control allow for customization of system functions.
  • Built-in analytics provide water usage/savings and component end-of-life data.
  • Single push-button operation.